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为什么玩分分彩老输 www.1ln7.cn Everything we do supports our belief that work should be fun.Working hard while enjoying life is essential to our success.

Our Culture

At Citrix, our culture is strong, vibrant and essential to how we work and serve our customers.We continually advance our culture by creating an environment where people can feed their curiosity and be continuously learning; where we hold each other accountable for driving great results and outcomes; where we collaborate and take joy from working on solving tough problems.

We share a winning spirit where we are obsessed with helping our customers and partners innovate and succeed through the use of technology.We strive to be highly inclusive, embracing different views and cultures — and empathic, making the world a better place by giving back in ways that matter.Above all, we will be an innovative engine for our colleagues, our communities, our customers and the digital marketplace.

Our Values

We act with honesty and hold each other accountable.

We are open, inclusive and empathetic.

We are continuously innovating, learning and improving.

We dream big and we are bold, passionate and selfless in pursuit of those dreams.

We collaborate to win together.

We continuously redefine what it means to go to work.Working here can be a life-changing experience.It’s intense, challenging and exhilarating.And that’s what makes work a whole lot of fun. 


"Inspiring leadership and a strong corporate culture make this a great place for career growth.Talent is appreciated, and hard work is recognized."

- Product Design Employee

"Before workshifting, you either had to live where you worked or work where you lived.The idea that you can work where you are fulfilled, yet live in a community you choose, changed my life."

- HR Employee

"Citrix is such a fun place to work.We have outstanding benefits - from a volunteer day to workshifting, to an awesome café.I never dread Monday!"

- Sales Employee

Our Organization

Imagine an organization that allows your talents to take you anywhere.You can experience an array of opportunities in different technologies and locations around the globe.

Citrix Groups and Roles

Sales and Services

Sales and Services are our primary customer- and partner-facing functional teams.Executed through geo-based teams in the Americas, EMEA and APAC, various sales, services, and support roles fulfill the needs of multiple customer segments.

We market and license our products directly, over the Web and through systems integrators.And we sell them indirectly through value-added resellers, value-added distributors and original equipment manufacturers.Citrix solutions help our customers transform their businesses and thrive in the cloud era, embracing mobile users, personal devices, WAP, app stores, SaaS, and cloud infrastructure.

Engineering and Product Development

Innovation that changes the way the world works starts right here.Our Engineering and Product Development organization operates in three business units:Delivery Networks, Workspace Services, and Mobility Apps.

They develop and perfect the next generation of market-leading virtualization, networking, web collaboration, data sharing, IT support, and cloud technologies.


Cloud Services engineers deliver and enable cloud based solutions for customers and partners.We create and deliver innovative solutions that transform our customers’ businesses by leveraging Citrix technologies.


Global Marketing and Communications team drives all aspects of our vision to create a world where people can experience work and life in harmony.The team includes corporate and brand marketing, product marketing, corporate communications, alliance marketing, enterprise demand and field marketing, and SMB demand and e-commerce.

Finance and Operations oversees all aspects of the company's worldwide Finance organization with responsibility for accounting, strategic development, financial planning and analysis, treasury, tax, internal controls and investor relations.This organization is also responsible for supply chain management, global IT strategy, operations and service delivery, partnering with business functions and regions to leverage technology in support of company objectives.In addition, this group holds responsibility for the Facilities, Purchasing and Shipping teams.

Human Resources develops our most valuable asset – our people.HR looks strategically at the business with an emphasis on attracting and retaining a talented and motivated workforce.HR services include:staffing and hiring, learning and development, consulting, compensation, benefits, employee systems, and corporate citizenship.

Legal oversees corporate compliance and governance initiatives, acquisitions and commercial transactions, and it provides support to the Sales, Services and Partner organizations.The team implements good compliance practices, which are a corporate imperative and core responsibility.The Legal team aims to build upon the company’s excellent record in this area and raise the level of compliance and ethics awareness.


Follow Citrix Careers

Citrix Systems, Inc. is firmly committed to Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) and to compliance with all federal, state, and local laws that prohibit employment discrimination on the basis of age, race, color, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, religion, disability, protected veteran status, and other protected classifications.

If you are an individual with a disability and require a reasonable accommodation to complete any part of the job application process, please contact us at (877) 924-8749 or [email protected].

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