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"At Citrix, we’re committed to building a world-class ecosystem through open platforms. Our offerings power mission-critical business operations for users, IT and partners, and we provide a number of APIs, SDKs and tools to help you extend and integrate with our services. We’re excited to work with you to make Citrix your platform of choice."

Developer Tooling

With our continued dedication to developers we continue to build tools for our community to use. Whether you like the command line, nodeJS, Visual Studio or Visual Studio Code we've got you covered. Below are just a few of the developer tools we have available for you to use.


These are just a few tools we have available for developer, to see all of the available tools please visit this page


SDK Spotlight

The (WFAPI) SDK is a collection of APIs allowing developers and system administrators to programmatically access features specific to Citrix VDA

Infrastructure Spotlight

Interested in writing applications for Citrix Netscaler but dont have access to the physcial hardware? Dont know where to obtain the company license to activate your VPX? No problem! Grab the new Netscaler CPX Express and start building your admin tools/devops management script and applications.  Check out the link below and get started!

Scripts, scripts and more scripts! Package & deploy with Visual Studio Code + the Citrix Developer Extension

If you have been following along with our Citrix Developer tools releases, you may have noticed that we’ve been increasing our release cadence for the Citrix Developer extension for Visual Studio Code. If you’re not familiar with the extension, it helps you get started building solutions that use the Citrix platform by providing an activity bar with embedded documents, Github projects and a section for community-based scripts. If you would like to jump to the getting started section, click here!

One of the areas we focused on in this release is up-leveling community-based scripts. As we looked more in-depth into this area, we saw “script sprawl” when it comes to the Citrix platform (we suffer from this, as well). Script sprawl comes in many forms: some developers use Github to store their scripts, some store their scripts within their enterprise storage, some store that quick script on a local device, some store scripts in a forum post, etc. [Read More]


Watch related videos on the Citrix Developer YouTube channel.

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Interested in Citrix OpenSource? Check out the Citrix Github page for samples, source code and projects.

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